Vorträge: 2018

Hochschule für bildende Künste Braunschweig

communicating and sharing the experiences of visionary phenomenon of being clair- voyant while dancing an erotic dance pole stirs the senses and creates visceral visions without boundaries or descriptive cultural conditions. the idea of sleep is a conduit to that world without effort. or is it? the physical body engaging in the psychic in the every- day through all our senses and the third eye of imagination is the most expansive cre- ative act, it is a leaping off point of imagination for me and the participant. the projects i create are interactive explorations into and hopefully breaking out of our cultural and family conditions and delivering us into a space/place of authentic construct, inter- rupting paradigms that withhold and detour like the labels and instructions of what an object is suppose to mean but truly is a complete stranger to the freedom the viewer engages in without reading it.