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Dear artists, participants and friends of Ortstermin,

In the spirit of the festival theme, we cordially invite you to this year's Ortstermin 23 art festival!

On 01.09.2023 at 18:00 the Kunstverein Tiergarten will open the Moabit art festival Ortstermin 23 with the theme "GAST/SPIELE" in front of the Galerie Nord in Turmstraße 75 and invites you to engage with current interdisciplinary art and culture on the weekend from 01 to 03 September.

With their projects, the participants of the festival explore the diverse and sometimes contradictory aspects of hosting. Moabit becomes a field of experimentation for testing, breaking and re-establishing rules of gathering, for discovering new places and ideas and creating new friendships between hosts and guests. This weekend the whole district will become a place of encounters, of receiving and sharing.

Moabit is a district of many facets, and equally varied is the programme that can be explored in many different ways. Once again this year, artists and creatives will open the doors of their studios and give you an insight into their working methods.
Project spaces, cultural institutions, galleries, cafés and bars will present curated exhibitions and or-ganise events and workshops. In addition, a variety of activities in public spaces throughout the district invite passers-by to linger and participate. In the spirit of hos-pitality, participants will give us access to their flats under the title »mon habite«.

As part of the project »Ecke« (corners), places of hospitality will become central nodes of the festival from which you can start your festival visit or guided tour. Artists will visit pubs, bars and hotels and enter into a lively exchange with their audiences. Each »Ecke« becomes a place where art and everyday life meet.

We are pleased to transform Moabit and the Hansaviertel into an exciting field of experimentation and interaction on the topic of hospitality together with the par-ticipating artists and cultural workers and would like to thank all the tirelessly working participants.

We are looking forward to this year's Ortstermin!
Kind regards
Your Festival Team
Lehderstraße 119/ Berlin
Bilder zur Straße – becomes an art kiosk
– June 16th to 19th, 2023 in the io lux Release Prologue
- Booklet for drawing and text No. 26 *****************

Dear readers, dear artists, dear authors, The first bird sings // Bats overtake the eye // The wild goose takes off // while we sleep together // AI-generated and digital // in the swamps of thought you lost your shoelaces // What remains are the possibilities / / and live and playback and poetry and prose // graphite, colored pencil // rosetta // May be.* Prolog 26 is published on the subject of light and dark and brings together 69 authors and artists on 72 pages. For our series of artists and their projects, we were able to interview Matthias Mayer from the Spor Klübü project space. The new issue can now be (pre-)ordered for 10 € (incl. postage in Germany or + 3 € postage share worldwide). This can be done in the magazine kiosk or by e-mail using the contact form. Prolog 26 will be published on site in Berlin in the art kiosk that is being created for this purpose with the booklets, drawings, books, objects, pictures, graphics, rarities ... of the participants in the project space io lux (Berlin/Weißensee, Lehderstraße 119) from June 16th to 19th, 2023. Opening hours of the art kiosk: Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon 4pm-9pm and on request via the contact form Program: Sat from 7 p.m. short readings with Katrin Heinau, Jeannette Abée, Ulrike Gramann, Clemens Schittko, performatives with Asta D. ... & Sun from 5 p.m. book presentation with Valeria Liebermann ... (updates on our website) Prologue 26 with contributions from: We look forward to the exciting new issue, 4 turbulent days in Berlin and hope you enjoy ordering and reading the new issue! Anton Schwarzbach and Dorit Trebeljahr (editors) *Quotes from various texts of Prologue 26 You are receiving this email because you have either sent us an article, know us personally, ordered a booklet or otherwise expressed interest in the artist magazine Prolog-Heft for drawing and text. Anyone is free to unsubscribe. Otherwise we are rich enough, we do not sell email addresses and try to be as careful as possible. -- Prologue - booklet for drawing and text Anton Schwarzbach/ Dorit Trebelyear heftfuerzeichungundtext@yahoo.de www.prolog-zeichung-und-text.de Prologue - booklet for drawing and text has been published in Berlin since 2007 as a non-commercial art project in the form of a Magazine. In 2022/2023, Prolog will receive two-year basic funding for project spaces and initiatives from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Chapter 42: “What matters is what we call incompleteness call the world." (Karl Jaspers)

Opening on Mon, June 12, 2023 at 8:00 p.m
Opening hours: Tue-Fri, 16:00-18:00

Monday Art Salon is a platform where artists and visitors can meet. Participation in the respective Exhibition is possible directly after registration / consultation. The title can be an inspiration, but it doesn't have to be be processed. The works will start at 19:00 of the respective Brought Monday evening, and then for the opening at 8pm set up / hung. The works will then be picked up next Monday, at of the week the exhibition is open during the specified opening hours to visit. Furthermore, there may be spontaneous actions on the opening night come, so that sometimes a concert took place at the opening.

10961 BERLIN
Greifswalderstraße 34 10405 Berlin
Mieze Südlich/ Häselburg
Lehderstr 119 Berlin
Advance notice: A window work can be seen at Io Lux from May 15th and ends with a presentation of several works in the exhibition space with the presence of the artist for the Art Spring weekend in Berlin- Weißensee.
Nazaretkirchstraße 42
Berlin Papierstraße 11
Otto-Rosenberg- Platz
Malplaquestraße 25
Malplaquestraße 25
Leonardo da Vinci 2 Enna, Sicily
What can you hear, what will be added.With an acoustic text work we take part in the exhibition Nebbia in Enna."understanding density" is a "sound sculpture" with two voices.Two of my poems are interpreted by Keren Shalev and spoken to me at the same time, so that the complexity of bilingual understanding of creative texts and the contextualisation of translations is thematized. There is an Italian literal translation.