Exhibitions: recent

Malplaquestraße 25

Invitation to the group exhibition Season start N-life in the assembly hall

on Saturday 25.05.10 from 18:00 clock and the Walparty on 26.05.19 from 15:00 clock in the assembly hall.

With works by Huachao Chen, Mirjam Dorsch, Mareike Jacobi, Katharina Kamph, Michael Koehn, Qing Lu, Mario Margani, Sabrina Schieke and Sandra Schieke

N-life sees itself as an open artist collective.

In changing constellations, we work to explore the possibilities of artistic action and its significance. We started 2017 as 8-lives. As 11-Life we ​​are pleased to welcome the M O N T A G E H L E L as a temporary place of action. Over the next few months, together with the neighborhood in Berlin Wedding, we want to shape and form thethe new life number 11. The individual point of view of each participant can make a statement about how N life can look like this season.

At the beginning of the season we show what N-Leben has meant to us and what it looked like on 25.05.2019 at the M O N T A G E H A L E. E. Malplaquetstraße 25 in 13347 Berlin Wedding from 6 pm. 11-life can be so much. From the start of the season to a whale party, workshops, exhibitions,

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