artist statement

I am an artist because art is everything, because art includes all aspects of life. One of the objectives of my work is to to participate in the environment and to subsequently change it by interaction. I offer situations and spatial interventions that might lead to responses and altered perceptions. A particular focus lies on the conflict between the original and the addendum, or the amalgamation of the preexisting with artistic interventions.

Can the tension between what has already been there and what was added lead to irritation and thus produce new meanings? And can the reworking of surfaces and narrations of preexisting spaces make this tension productive? My work tries to negotiate the possibility of free and open perception within confined spaces by intertwining the original state with its artistic paraphrase. 

My approach to spaces starts with a survey of standardized everyday objects (clothing, stage risers, building material, or the human body) that allow viewers personal access. In addition to the usual artistic techniques, such as stacking, welding and splitting, I hold processes of offering, revelation, and leaving impressions to be essential in making sense of the world. It is all about spaces in-between, hybrid spaces, and altered circumstances that are emphasized by the transformation of materials. 

The materialized form is intertwined with an interpretation that stays ambiguous and thus embodies a productive failure which leads to new forms of engagement.

thanks to Stefan Ewald (textextract from the late night interview) und Dennis Buchholz (english translation)