Works: 2019

This work was created on the basis of socio-cultural interest. The sculptural installation "cought in concepts" is a two- and three-dimensional form that deals with ideological concepts as a form of identification. Using the example of Christian religious history, I recall a page in the chapter of humanity, how group behavior and iconography behave over time.As a result of "lost in concepts" in which the focus was on the individual lay in the exercise of concepts, this variant is about the community (eg group, state, WG, scene, etc.) which is responsible with even greater consequence ,
The recesses in the places of the minds, through a playful handling; - like a saint figure - had interactive potential, have disappeared. Surrounded by an entanglement that results from the circular shape and distance, the depicted historical persons have neither mouth nor eyes.
The possibility of an individual face has disappeared and addresses issues of individual expression in structural power structures.
Crafts and everyday in the exhibition practice