Works: 2023

Large sprinkler / solar panel
A irrigation sprinkler from agriculture is connected to a solar module to form an object. Fed by sunlight and driven by an electromechanical system, it moves in a circle with a clack per second. This roughly corresponds to the rhythm of a slow waltz and refers to the figurines on the neighbouring pedestals. Deprived of its actual function of irrigating agricultural land, the sprinkler now finds itself in the urban environment, as a functionless absurdity. With the mechanical clacking it refers to the fact with which farmers has to fight in recent years. Increasing dryness of the fields in the summer months requires more additional irrigation. This is accompanied by falling groundwater levels, among other things. For some it is no proof of climate change, but for large part of the rural population a noticeable reality. Every little clack of this bizarre "solo dancer" catapults the causalities from the rural area a bit closer into the consciousness of passers-by and visitors in the ministerial gardens of the big city of Berlin.