Ingo Schulz                                                                     

Since 2004 artistic collaborator of the Institut Freie Kunst and
Head of the Laboratory for Sound Art at the HBK Braunschweig
Supervision and artistic project management of student
collaborative projects and HBK cooperations.
1996/97 DAAD one-year scholarship USA (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
1995/96 Postgraduate studies master student
1989/95 Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, diploma degree
Artistic works, exhibitions and awards
2023 "Dry Exercise Solo" Lower Saxony State Representation Berlin
2022 "enlightening the parliament" sound installation and video large-scale projection 
             in front of the Lower Saxony Parliament in Hanover
2020 Kunstverein Wolfsburg "Renewable Media
             Kunstraum Tosterglope "audio samples"
2019 Kunstverein DIE H_LLE "Ready to talk"
2018 Municipal Gallery Kubus Hanover
            " To the square - Wommelsdorf and Schulz"     
2017 Klangstätten Stadtklänge Braunschweig "Wave Field"
2016 Herrenhausen Art Festival, "Dry Exercises"
2015 Praxis joint exhibition HBK Gallery, "big bang"
2014 Kunstverein Wolfsburg, "Dialogue in the inner ear"
2012 Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg sound art in the Japan garden 56°23'55N; 14°15'90E
2011 Vol1. Fishing Art & Sound Cuxhaven, "N.N."
2008 Baltic Sea Biennale of Sound Art, "Waldstück Opus 2".
            Embassies of the Nordic Countries Berlin,
            "Sonoric Perspectives Sonoric Ecologies"
            Kultur am Schachtweg indoor swimming pool Wolfsburg "Counterpoints for indoor swimming pool".
2007 Neustrelitz "Forest Piece Opus 1
2001 Grant of the State of Lower Saxony, 
             artist's residence Stuhr-Heiligenrode                              
            Final exhibition in the Lower Saxony Parliament in Hannover
2000 Redmoon Theater Chicago - Set-Design several productions
             Leader II - Art on the water LK Gifhorn, "Signs of sight
1999 Performance-Festival Berlin-Mitte, "In a way III "
1998 ISEA-International Symposium of Electronic Art Chicago
1997 Between the dikes Büsum, "Nissen         
             Sculpture City Garbsen Berenbostel, "Court of Honor
1996 Land Brandenburg - Quadrium, "Art at the stream
1995 Salzgitter-Lichtenberg, "City - Country - River
1994 Culture award of the city of Garbsen, 
             "Inside - Outside" Gallery PolyGram
1992 Art prize of the city of Gifhorn, "Land unter
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