Texts: 2020

dry run

by Justin Hoffmann
t that you can walk through them without any problems. On the other hand, they are close enough to be able to perceive the totality of the sounds they produce at the same time. On the circular sprinklers the artist mounted solar cells, so that they work independently of a power supply. Thus, they are powered by solar energy, the very form of energy that threatens the existence of an even lawn and its perfect appearance.The lawn sprinklers produce a clicking sound when the water jet direction changes, which the artist uses for the sound installation. Metal parts hit each other in their rotary motion driven by a motor. Different impact noises in different frequency height and volume produce a certain rhythm. Ingo Schulz transforms garden irrigation technology with his treatment into a subtle percussive orchestra.Ecological intentions are clearly recognizable in the work of Ingo Schulz. On the one hand, he refers to climate change with his installation "Trockenübung", as he deals with the waste of the valuable resource water, on the other hand, the apparatuses he uses are powered by solar energy. "Trockenübung" is TechArt based on renewable energies.