Almost crumbling, sky-high skyscrapers right next to colorful, freshly renovated building facades. With "PLATTE", Paul "GELA" Reckardt sets out in search of high-rise buildings in East German cities. This exhibition documents the attempt to appropriately stage these prefabricated buildings. Characterized by a certain social inequality as well as a high crime and poverty rate, prefabricated buildings are mostly located in social hotspots. The oppressive emotional state caused by the color scheme in the photographs and the range of motifs is intentional and has the purpose of giving the viewer a new perspective on the circumstances in such hotspots. With curatorial and artistic support, Bjarne Bäthge is a part of the exhibition. More of GELA and PLATTE on Instagram: @wakeuppaull
Galerie KühneKunst, Helmstedt
PIXELSTRICH, which was still exhibited under the civil name of Paul Reckardt, focused on works generated using artificial intelligence (AI). Fourteen works were exhibited, some showing surrealist motifs, others depicting the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague in an impressionist style. The works were generated with the help of the DALL-E platform, printed on painting plates and exhibited in the KühneKunst gallery in Helmstedt.