Works: 2020


My media adapted to my backpack.

Deriving from my first Europe-journey of 40 nights living on-the-streets (ots) without any expenses, I traced my working-field: publicity-privacy, urban-rural, stranger-familiar.

Ongoing series

picture book (analogue photography)

grateful for all the moments in which i found personal treasures, the displayed photographies accumulate into my picture book, inherent 112 nights spent abroad in my mothers mother country. a seemingly well-trusted culture known by stories of my mom, puzzled together with blurry childhood memories. peu à peu l’oiseau fait son nid. i hoarded memories to create my Seoul, my Korea. to my surprise i encountered uncountable vast pinpoints which i desire to be eternally interwove with, and all that with a deep anchored chuckle.

in search of my umbilical cord i figured something out, whatever it would be, i’m still exploring. paradoxically it turned out to be the image producing advice par excellence, die Kamera , to embody my umbilical cord. this immensely packed Mega City, home for millions of people, locale of flickering billboards and miraculous phenomena of nature, killer for too many students, then, turned its facade of a apriori isolating monster into an odd, ambiguous playground.