not a leaf on the water


Initially I felt very lonely and excluded in Seoul.
My longing for a Unit 2 grew naturally out of this lonely starting phase, orphaned in the midst of the big city 
Actively preserving these units gave me a feeling of compassion for something self-contained, something peaceful; which in turn awakened a sense of significance of myself within me.
Appearing together in the here and now.
Obvious bond through external characteristics
Uniform diminishes the potential for true pairing.

We yearn for togetherness, community, union; sensual, understanding moments against the flood of hailing impressions.As social beings we base ourselves on the togetherness of our fellows.
In Seoul I noticed immediately that this city is overflowing with people and culture, whereby in the sense of culture the enormous surfeit of things does not receive an adapted drainage system. Furthermore, I note
that the individual radius of movement is extremely tight compared to European dimensions, which in bodily aspects such as gestures, facial expressions, voice and gait, but also in communal moments, such as dressing or manner, appears all over the place and experiences striking excesses.

Children - the embodiment of pure joy in vitality to the highest degree.The liberated and self-evident 
breathing, trilling, giggling, whimpering, feeling, playing and dancing of a child enchants me.The unquestioned following of innermost interests characterises many of my views on life, amongst other things the sensual relationship between mind and soul, the skilful dissolving of disruptive factors, the uninterrupted drive to play, the bewilderment of the imagination beyond claims to truth.
Fascinated and equally inspired, I spend much of my time to experience children, to see the human being as a child, to experience myself as one.

I am deeply interested in the sleeping state, the physical presence to the psychic absence, the relinquishment to the environment. In the sleeping state, the self harbours its own spirit.
The figure of the sleeper in public space:
In the sleeping state, the self is sheltered by its own spirit.
The sleeping state as a form of temporarily discarded self-control.
Society as a principle based on external appearance.
The civilised person knows how to behave in primarily adequate behaviour, whereas the behaviour of the sleeper drifts into a realm of the unconscious, at the same time uncivilised, whereby the figure of the sleeper remains in the realm of civility.Thus, the figure of the sleeper reflects, a civil disobedience, a civil disobedience, 
a social marginal phenomenon.

The absence of the serfs face
Being in situ as a personal gesture
The In Situ as representative of the current life record.
Be proud of yourself its you who brought you here.
Since science is largely based on the assumption that man is the only one of all earthly creatures equipped with a self-reflexive instrument, it leads us to the theoretical assumption that we are dealing with an over-conscious type of human being.This results in the gift of being able to move freely along the time axis, which in turn enables us to plan.
I am in site because I am calling for this moment.

The catching, the fraction of the moment of an encounter. Core:
The anonymity
The silhouette of a personality
The appearance of a surface
The vulnerability of confrontation
The city man as an isolating nature
The local person as a monster
The passive fog - the sublime tail
The core of a personality
The aura of a depth
The will to interact
The human being as a fundamental social entity
The townie as one condemned to communicate
The outcry to react

The semblance of a current presence. The imprint of a foregoing something.

Yet untitled, 25:14 min (beyond the surface)(how to not engrave)(superficial sex)

  1. no one really knows what happened before ones birth..

    Anything beyond the present is evidence, a hint of existence. In fact, only presence in the moment serves as proof. 

    The footprint of our ancestors creates diverse landscapes of highlighted tales and uncanny hills. It's here where the hills of illuminated events in humankinds history tower and morph into valleys of cruelity, where concealed archives and perfectly hushed events seethe. 

    This certain interlock of happenings in history depicts the interconnectdness with our ancestors lifes. Whereby some stay absolutely absent in theirs visiblity, others cant be ignored in theirs presence.

    In the moment we do, we already became 

    In all of our pores we contain ungraspable loads of information. The substanial occurence is grasped within one brief gaze, contrary to every entitys depth which becomes perceivable only beyond the surface. The virtual realm only occures us as a surface. In fact this flat physical form contradicts its psychical infinite realm.