Hongik University Seoul, Korea
I presented my field researching practice of worldwide travels (within nights ots in Korea) followed by a fluid conversation tackling the conception of preserved conservative arts. 

Duration 120min
w Prof. Kyu Chul Ahn
Seoul National University, Korea
I see me trough you, that's what I do, that's my truth.

In a visually supported lecture (slideshow) I presented the development of my art practice in intersection with our social necessity of an interplay with the Other.

Duration 90min

Ricarda Huch Schule Hannover, Germany
Workshop with students of RHS (Public High School).
The prior purpose was to broaden the approach towards arts and lay a foundation of innovative contemporary art practice.  The workshop consisted out of three stages, whereby a foregoing theoretical course introduced fundamental terms (i.e. Performance, Happening) and the subsequent stages provoked the students to actively engage with each other's individual conception and perception of art.

Duration 5 days
w Hendrik Trautman