Studio Я Hinter dem Gießhaus 2, 10117 Berlin
Performance by and with Adrian Marie Blount, Andre Neely and Kübra Varol, Artistic assistant: Rory Midhani
Concept and Direction Lola Fonsèque Costumes Isabell Reisinger Stage Design Werhan, Luisa Puschendorf Dramaturgy Rebecca Ajnwojner

In this ongoing performance on the toilet of the Studio Я, the political potential of bodily fluids and the subconscious of heterosexual genital safety are discussed. The performers celebrate the clandestine processes in the public toilet - the unknown, unnamed place of lesbian sexuality and subjectivity.

HBK Braunschweig
at 16:45
Kunstmuseum Bonn


Antonia Low + Werhahn & Puschendorf

Space - Movement - Material  - Dance