There are two ways to join NPIECE. Either you apply for an invitation or get invited by a member.

The application/invitation process exists to ensure the site grows without the need of curational intervention thus possibly from within itself.

We want to keep the platform focussed on artists only and this is the nicest way we came up with.

Invitations are handed out to members on a regular basis.

162 artists already joined NPIECE.

Universal Adaptive style

Art is not just content - it needs sensitive, context-aware design.

Layout and typography isn't interferring with your works but providing a solid, clean and organized yet standarized structure.

NPIECE allows you to concentrate on your works and doesn't seduce you into continously reinventing your site's design.

To keep things invidual and for a little bit of fun, we support so called adaptive styling.

This is basically a technique which detects most prominent colors of the work you've put first and adjusts colors of i.e. links accordingly.

Any Media

Artists create work using various media. Sometimes an image is not always the perfect fit for representing a work.

PDF, audio, video and image in a wide range of formats are supported by default.

You aren't making any concessions to quality - so do we.

Upload original files without the need of shrinking them first, potentially decreasing quality. We support TIFFs and have liberal space qutoas.

Resizing and transcoding is dealt with for you. As soon a file gets uploaded, versions are automatically generated.

Our resizing processes are fine tuned for artistical work and deliver crisp lines and great colors.

  • Upload files up to 500 MB.
  • Transcodes audio and video.
  • Repairs/transforms color profiles.

6115 files with a total size of 19.72 GB already uploaded.


No CO2 emission, no radiation. 100% renewable energy.

Our servers are running on energy generated through hydropower. Certificate and description of our provider.

Paper from sustainable forestry.

All our promotion cards are printed on certified recycling paper.


Already own a domain?

Assign it to your account and your site is available under both i.e. as well as

Unless our competitors we make make this feature available with all plans thus even with the free one.

No Ads - No Branding

Never are we going to show any form of ads in any place on the site.

We don't brand or install backlinks on any of your pages. It's entirely yours.


Your site is by default prepared and optimized to get indexed properly.

Best practices (not less or more than that) have been followed to ensure your site ranks as high as possible in all major search engines.

Efficient and intuitive

You can use NPIECE right away without installing any software.

The interface has specifically been crafted with typical artist workflows in mind. Its goal is to make updating your portfolio convinient and quick.

All you need, nothing you don't.

iPhone™ and Android™

Sites on NPIECE are optimized for the special requirements mobile devices bring with them. When you visit the site with such a device we change the layout to make it look great on smaller screen sizes and modify the navigation so it is easily touchable/clickable.

Truly international

Your site is available globally, that's a fundamental concept inherited from the web itself.

Localization is a complex task. Some parts can be automated while others like the actual translations inevitably need someone human.

This is how NPIECE already helps you with localization:

  • Language detection and switching.
  • Date and number formatting.
  • Conversions between metric and imperial unit systems.
  • Translation suggestions - as you type.


With NPIECE you get detailed statistics out of the box.

See how many vists your site gets. Where are visitors are coming from? How long do they stay? See which pages are visited most.

  • Personal support
  • Frequent upgrades
  • Nothing to install