on show
Green Hill Gallery, Grünberger Str. 13, 10243 Berlin

Migration and integration

This exhibition marks the beginning of our exploration of the intricate dynamics and dialogues surrounding these topics. Berlin, with 830,000 foreign residents from 170 nations, is a cosmopolitan city that highlights the importance of addressing and reflecting on our understanding of concepts like home and the feeling of belonging.

The exhibition delves into De-Construction, probing where we stand and why. It is important to us to unpack these complexities through a people-centered approach, exploring questions like ‘Am I enough?,’ and, ‘Am I seen?’ from various perspectives gathered through our open call, sparking engaging dialogue.


  • Steffen Blunk

  • Tatiana Bulanova

  • Seweryn Jański

  • Olga Mos

  • Igor Ponosov

  • Joanna Rusinek

  • Raimund Schucht

  • Foteini Tatsi

  • Jingwen Yao

  • Julia Werhahn