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Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren Spitaltor 2 87600 Kaufbeuren

Blickfang»Heimat. Eine Suche«

Introduced in summer 2016 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, the sixth exhibition of this format will take place in summer 2024 under the now established title BLICK FANG. Works by young, up-and-coming artists from all over Germany will be shown every two years.

Today, the term "Heimat" (homeland) is used in a downright inflationary manner; at the same time, there are bitter disputes over the authority to define it, often along sharp ideological lines. But what does it actually mean when we talk about "homeland"? For some, "homeland" refers to their origins, roots and cultural identity. For others, the term is more of an abstract concept that is ambiguous, changeable and difficult to define. - In the course of globalization and not least due to numerous migration movements, a territorial understanding is increasingly leading to controversy and social tensions. Above all, aspects of culture, religion, values and customs, but also personal feelings within a society are important factors and driving forces here. However, despite all the differences, the quest for security and belonging is always a unifying driving force in the "search for home".
The artists - "BLICK FANG 2024"

Boglárka Balassa | Alex Bex | Florence Bühr | Susanne Bürner | Thesea Rigou Efstathopoulos | Mirjam Elburn | Gregor EsKa | Valerie Funk | Benedikt Gahl | Julius Gödtel | Ulrike Hannemann | Marlet Heckhoff | Markus Hoffmann | Markus Mars Hoffmann | Iska Jehl | Nari Jo | Mariella Kerscher | Lars Klingenberg | Thomas Kober | Martin Löw | Sol Namgung | Jana Sophia Nolle | Celine O'Neal | Jennifer Oellerich | Ivanka Penjak | Anne Pruy | Jens Rausch | Laura Schmelzer | Tom Schmelzer | Alina Schweizer | Mor Shauli | Julia Smirnova | Sarah Straßmann | Sven Weber | Stefan Wehmeier | Manfred Wendel | Julia Werhahn | Denise Winter