Jérôme Chazeix builds complex installations which create hybrid parallel worlds. He creates multi-media installations that he refers to as 'total' objects. Performances (with participatory practice), which form part of the whole concept, are frequently realised in the installations and permanently presented as videos. Jérôme Chazeix's works are contemporary total works of art, theatrical installations in the truest sense as a stage for the public. Their special quality and brisance arise from their critical analysis of contemporary consumerism: in quoting its specific techniques and design languages, they do not submit to the dictates of passive consumerism, but rather celebrate a happy resistance through an active appropriation of contemporary behavioural repertoires that communicate worldwide, for example, through fashion. The desire to assimilate contemporary 'role models' in a musical-like and euphoric manner combines real fascination with twinkling pastiche. 

Ursula Schöndeling, Director, Kunstverein Langenhagen.