TIEFGARAGE, Ebertplatz, Köln
Jérôme Chazeix – EIN LIED FÜR DEN EBERTPLATZ, 2. Juni – 8. Juli LOCATION: EBERTPLATZ, outgoing from TIEFGARAGE TIME: PERFORMANCE - on Friday, June 2nd from 7:30 pm EXHIBITION: June 2 - July 8, 2017 ///// Geometric energy - Hexagonal basin - Copper bronze Metal walls - Inclined neon light. With alogisms and oxymoras, Jérôme Chazeix describes the Ebertplatz - the largest square in the city center of Cologne. EIN LIED FÜR DEN EBERTPATZ (A SONG FOR THE EBERTPLATZ) is a song performed in a performance on the opening day by a 10-person choir in a procession in costumes. The performers wander over the square singing and later their dresses will be draped in the exhibition room. Jérôme Chazeix is ​​developing a transdisciplinary work for Ebertplatz. His projects are contemporary works of art: Video, sound and costumes flow into Chazeix' installations to space filling installations, environments and performances. Visual and sculptural elements with geometric lines and hexagonal shapes emphasize the structure of the square and transform the exhibition space TIEFGARAGE into a peculiar showroom. Printed fabrics depicting the image cutouts of the square were sewn to frocks. They serve as costumes for the performance, but are also objects that are later being hung up in the art space to tell their worn story. And it is always geometry, astrology, Steiner's anthroposophy, and the supernatural, that Chazeix processes in his art - and what also sects, faiths, schools, or other clubs also use in their image language for the centralization of a unified theory of thought. These forms and practices are particularly fascinating for the artist, as is architecture. Especially brutalism, which finds a very stringent implementation at the Ebertplatz, exerts great fascination on the artist. Like a lost treasure dug out of the earth, the special features of the Ebertplatz are celebrated and used as divine attributes for the site specific performance. Chazeix thus creates its own hypnotic world, which pays homage to the square: an ode to brutalism. Jérôme Chazeix was born in France in 1976. He has been living in Berlin since 2000 and graduated as a masterclass student at Katharina Grosse at the Berlin Weissensee Art School. Previously, he graduated with a doctorate in Fine Arts at the Fine Arts department at the University of Saint-Etienne (FR). ///// Jérôme Chazeix – EIN LIED FÜR DEN EBERTPLATZ June 2 - July 8, 2017 Artistic director: Jérôme Chazeix Editorial Advice: Dominik Schmitt With the vocal ensemble Polyfolie: Doro Aalenburg, Brigitte Küpper, Bärbel Nolden, Karl Krützmann, Norbert Zajac, Ivan Zilli and Danila Lipatov, Alisa Berger, Ulrich Steinbach, and Jolie Lusala Program: June 2, 7:30 pm - Opening and Performance 8 July, 8 pm - Finissage with Pizza Noise Mafia (BE) & Nulty Nult
L'Oeil de Poisson, Québec (Canada)
The visitor is invited to enter in the small gallery of l’OEil de Poisson, transformed into "pop up store“ for the occasion. The effect is immediate, the visitor is in a fashion shop with a noisy electronic music which resonates in a loop. The installation : three video loops, music, silk scarves and a few geometric wooden objects are combined in synergy, features the fictional label "Zeix Berlin" which the artist has been playing with for almost 20 years. "Zeix" has taken its name from his family name and in the form of a devastating logo, appropriates the elements of our consumer society like the mass media, fashion, popculture, etc. With a particular esthetic and a certain level of naivety and irony, "Zeix" is a mirror of our society. Jérôme Chazeix's works are contemporary total works of art. The approach of his work consists in the association of different media and their cross-over. Sculptures, videos and costumes are the elements, he privilege in his creation. They are integrated, among others, to his installations, environments or performances, and combined to form an overwhelming and complex scenery, leading to a crystallization, an associative process much alike a network of facets or cosmos. Performances, which form part of the whole concept, are frequently realised in the installations and permanently presented as videos. Like a graphic contamination the staging take possession of all walls and invite to a specific atmosphere. The exhibition is made possible through the support of the IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) – Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Germany). Opening: May 5, 2017, 8pm Location: L'Oeil de Poisson 541, rue De Saint-Vallier Est Québec (Québec) G1K 3P9 www.oeildepoisson.com
Galerie 21, Vorwerkstraße 21, 20357 Hamburg

Jérôme Chazeix

"The monad, battle on the astral plane"

Video loop with music, installation.

The animated film "The monad, battle on the astral plane", (2009- 2014, 4 min. 31 sec., Three times repeated in a 13 min. 32 sec. HD video loop with music), consists of approximately 4800 individual drawings.

A musical and colorful environment blends with language and electronic sounds to a Gesamtkunstwerk together in which to find elements of space, science fiction and anime are, and form a dialogue about the human being as pure cosmic energy. It explodes, pulsates, poeticizes and metaphors ... a secret way to explain life. The film is a dense network of relationships forming, at the end of a large-scale Total installation to be expanded. Here, the space forms with the film at the center of the container transforms it to Plato's cave. 


curated by Jérôme Chazeix and Nina Maria Küchler

Opening: September 14 2016, 19h

Duration: September 15 2016 - September 18 2016

Opening Time: 15-19 Uhr

Kunsthalle M3, 

Mengerzeile 1 — 3, 12435 Berlin


Jérôme Chazeix

Heike Gallmeier

Stef Heidhues

Samuel Henne

Henry Kleine

Nina Maria Küchler

Sebastian Severin

Johanna Silbermann

Alexej Meschtschanow 

Bernd Trasberger


Opening: September 09 2016, 19h

Duration: September 10 2016 - Oktober 03 2016

Opening Time: Samstag 10.09. und 11.09. 14-16 Uhr


Adalbertstrasse 44, 80799 München



"Nordland in the AiR" er en gruppeutstilling med et utvalg kunstnere fra nettverket til AiR Nordland.

Utstillingen er produsert for Galleri NOK av Nordland fylkeskommunene i samarbeid med Artist in Residence stedene i Nordland, og er del av et sideprogram til Bodø Biennale.

Kl. 20:00, åpning ved Kristoffer Dolmen, prosjektleder

Lett bevertning.

21:30 Utstillingsåpningen feires videre på Dama di og konsert med bandet MARAS.

Artist in Residence (AiR), eller kunstneropphold i ulike former, er en godt innarbeidet term og praksis i kunstverden. En skog av slike steder verden over tilbyr opphold for eksempelvis kunstnere, kuratorer, skribenter og musikere. De siste årene har det skjedd en oppblomstring av slike AiR steder i Nordland. Disse drives på ulikt vis, og med ulik målsetting. Enkelte er opprettet av en kommune eller institusjon, andre av kunstnere eller frivillige foreninger. Opphold til research, produksjon og ideutvikling tilbys kunstnere gjennom invitasjoner eller søknader. Utstillingen «Nordland in the AiR» viser noe av denne aktiviteten, både gjennom kunstverk og dokumenterende fotografier.

AIR Nordland er et nettverk for aktører som tilrettelegger opphold for kunstnere og/eller stedsspesifikke prosjekter i Nordland. Følgende aktører inngår i nettverket: Artbase Helgeland (Sandnessjøen), Randsonevega (Vega), AiR Træna/Træna kommune, Sørfinnset skole/The Nord land (Gildeskål), Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær (Gildeskål), Nordland kultursenter (Bodø), Eva Bakkeslett - forprosjekt nytt AiR (Steigen), TARE & Steigen AIR (Steigen), Hamsunsenteret/Hamarøy kommune (Oppeid), AiR Røst/Skomvær fyr, Kunstkvarteret i Lofoten (Leknes) Villa Lofoten, (Bøstad), NNKS/Kunstnerhuset (Svolvær), Nordland akademi for kunst og vitenskap - forprosjekt nytt AiR) (Melbu) og AiR Vesterålen (Vesterålen Regionråd).



06 | 08 | 2016 — 21 | 08 | 2016 

OPENING 05 | 08 | 2016 19H 

Ink Agop, Arno Auer, Jérôme Chazeix, Kerstin Grimm, Carla Mercedes Ihn, Nina Maria Küchler, Ingo Mittelstadt, Janis E. Müller, Maja Nilsen, Anton Schwarzbach, Lisa Seebach, Johanna Silbermann, Wanda Stolle, Heiko Wommelsdorf 




The exhibition, entitled „A Toast to a Ghost“, presented in two consecutive shows in two different locations (RAE Berlin and Künstlerhaus Meinersen, lower Saxony), is curated by the artists Jérôme Chazeix, Nina Maria Küchler and Johanna Silbermann. The issue arose from the overlapping interest for the theme „Ghost“ = „Spirit“. This is connected with the concept of the „uncanny“, which seems to be present in unfilled spaces. The theme „Spirit“ should not always be treated depicting, it also describes the mediation of atmosphere, and the formal search for the invisible opposite. 
The list of artists includes 27 mainly Berlin-based artists who have been chosen for their similar approach to the subject. The exhibition will present classic media such as paintings and drawings, as well as new media such as space and sound installations. 

Ink Agop 
Arno Auer
Blunt x Skensved 
Armin Boehm 
Birte Bosse
Mirja Busch
Jérôme Chazeix 
Mara Diener
Stephan Dill
Emanuel Geisser
Kerstin Grimm
Joakim Heidvall
Carla Mercedes Hihn 
Nina Maria Küchler
Nikolaus List
Ingo Mittelstaedt
Michael Müller
Maja Nilsen 
Lena Pemöller
Stella van Rohden
Anton Schwarzbach
Johanna Silbermann
Wanda Stolle
David Wojtowycz
Heiko Wommelsdorf
Michael Wutz


“If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.”
John Cage (1944)

Space/Time Berlin presents its inaugural program for video and performance art, featuring 45 artists (both Berlin-based and international), whose work will be shown around the city throughout the month of April 2016. In cooperation with five different arts institutions, the platform will feature a diverse range of works, with a special focus on art that affects audiences’ experience of time.

Curated by Steffi Kowalski and Matt Wilson, Space/Time presents artists whose work demands time with an audience in order to open up new realms of experience. The one-month program will take place in a new location every week in April, starting at TATWERK | Performative Forschung, then moving to Sophiensaele, Flutgraben e.V.. Projektraum Naunynstr.53 and concluding at the AckerStadtPalast. Over the course of the month, we are interested in removing the separation between what is traditionally considered a screening and what is traditionally considered a performance by presenting these works in the same room, in the same time frame, for the same audience. This means on any given day our program could include documentary shorts alongside contemporary dance; performances for video alongside live multimedia experiments; or experimental theater alongside a short film series. By Presenting these otherwise disparate mediums in the same space, their shared elements can be experienced in a new way--especially the shared element of time. 


April 2nd | 8pm
5 Works on Ritual and Repetition

Leave the Keys and Go
Gali Kinkulkin  
A dance examining exhaustion and identity

Evanthia Afstralou  
Short documentary meets YouTube video mashup

Person #24
Karin Felbermayr  
Choreographic cycle of gestures for video

Oscar van der Kruis 
Video composition of the ritual movements of labor

Slow Changes #3
Claudia Garbe and Johnny Chang  
Dance with live music

April 3rd | 8pm
5 Works on Memory and the Unconscious

Working title
Talia de Vries and Johann Nöhles 
Gestural dance shifted in time

In 1998, I decided to wear all of my mother's skirts
Jérôme Chazeix  
Performance for video

The Guryong Walks
Linda Havenstein  
25 perspective, single-channel video

Song for being alone
Melissa Faivre  
Video with music

Ones in the Zeros
Vera Piechulla  
A little journey into the core of things. Come prepared for everything, expect nothing.

Tickets: 5−10€
Please reserve a ticket by sending an email to: 

This event is Tanzard-fähig!

Photo© Peter Clough
SomoS, Berlin
Opening: January 15 2016, 18 - 21h
Duration: Jan. 16-30 2016, Tuesday-Saturday. 14 -19h

Kunsthaus SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin, Germany


As part of SomoS' ongoing Berlin Fashion Week exhibition series "Alter Angle," SomoS presents a solo exhibition by Jérôme Chazeix called "ZEIX Lab Berlin."

Chazeix has developed the pseudo-label ZEIX over the last ten years. ZEIX gives Jérôme Chazeix freedom to reflect aesthetic and societal phenomena from pop culture, mass media and fashion, applying humor and satire to his subject matter.

As part of the ZEIX emporium, Jérôme Chazeix builds large boutique-like installations that incorporate photography, design, murals, music videos, performance, and sculpture.

"Jerome Chazeix hijacks the omnipotent fetish apparatus of the fashion system. He not only makes use of commodities and images that the system generates but also, as a brand maker, conquers the production aspect. And he invites fellow protagonists to playfully exploit the opportunities this appropriation offers in order to transgress established patterns," Ursula Schöndeling wrote in the catalog "10 Jahre ZEIX Berlin," Kunstverein Langenhagen, 2011.

This version of Zeix Lab was initially presented 2014 at Elektrohaus Hamburg and will be presented in Berlin in an extended version. The installation will present Zeix Lab series from 2013-2014 ("Zeix hommes", "Zeix Tatoo", "Poudre Zeix", und "Zeix d´or") as well as the 2015 series "Endless Godheads" (featuring males from India) and the production "The Postindustrial Grid".