Exhibitions: 2017

TIEFGARAGE, Ebertplatz, Köln
Jérôme Chazeix – EIN LIED FÜR DEN EBERTPLATZ, 2. Juni – 8. Juli LOCATION: EBERTPLATZ, outgoing from TIEFGARAGE TIME: PERFORMANCE - on Friday, June 2nd from 7:30 pm EXHIBITION: June 2 - July 8, 2017 ///// Geometric energy - Hexagonal basin - Copper bronze Metal walls - Inclined neon light. With alogisms and oxymoras, Jérôme Chazeix describes the Ebertplatz - the largest square in the city center of Cologne. EIN LIED FÜR DEN EBERTPATZ (A SONG FOR THE EBERTPLATZ) is a song performed in a performance on the opening day by a 10-person choir in a procession in costumes. The performers wander over the square singing and later their dresses will be draped in the exhibition room. Jérôme Chazeix is ​​developing a transdisciplinary work for Ebertplatz. His projects are contemporary works of art: Video, sound and costumes flow into Chazeix' installations to space filling installations, environments and performances. Visual and sculptural elements with geometric lines and hexagonal shapes emphasize the structure of the square and transform the exhibition space TIEFGARAGE into a peculiar showroom. Printed fabrics depicting the image cutouts of the square were sewn to frocks. They serve as costumes for the performance, but are also objects that are later being hung up in the art space to tell their worn story. And it is always geometry, astrology, Steiner's anthroposophy, and the supernatural, that Chazeix processes in his art - and what also sects, faiths, schools, or other clubs also use in their image language for the centralization of a unified theory of thought. These forms and practices are particularly fascinating for the artist, as is architecture. Especially brutalism, which finds a very stringent implementation at the Ebertplatz, exerts great fascination on the artist. Like a lost treasure dug out of the earth, the special features of the Ebertplatz are celebrated and used as divine attributes for the site specific performance. Chazeix thus creates its own hypnotic world, which pays homage to the square: an ode to brutalism. Jérôme Chazeix was born in France in 1976. He has been living in Berlin since 2000 and graduated as a masterclass student at Katharina Grosse at the Berlin Weissensee Art School. Previously, he graduated with a doctorate in Fine Arts at the Fine Arts department at the University of Saint-Etienne (FR). ///// Jérôme Chazeix – EIN LIED FÜR DEN EBERTPLATZ June 2 - July 8, 2017 Artistic director: Jérôme Chazeix Editorial Advice: Dominik Schmitt With the vocal ensemble Polyfolie: Doro Aalenburg, Brigitte Küpper, Bärbel Nolden, Karl Krützmann, Norbert Zajac, Ivan Zilli and Danila Lipatov, Alisa Berger, Ulrich Steinbach, and Jolie Lusala Program: June 2, 7:30 pm - Opening and Performance 8 July, 8 pm - Finissage with Pizza Noise Mafia (BE) & Nulty Nult
L'Oeil de Poisson, Québec (Canada)
The visitor is invited to enter in the small gallery of l’OEil de Poisson, transformed into "pop up store“ for the occasion. The effect is immediate, the visitor is in a fashion shop with a noisy electronic music which resonates in a loop. The installation : three video loops, music, silk scarves and a few geometric wooden objects are combined in synergy, features the fictional label "Zeix Berlin" which the artist has been playing with for almost 20 years. "Zeix" has taken its name from his family name and in the form of a devastating logo, appropriates the elements of our consumer society like the mass media, fashion, popculture, etc. With a particular esthetic and a certain level of naivety and irony, "Zeix" is a mirror of our society. Jérôme Chazeix's works are contemporary total works of art. The approach of his work consists in the association of different media and their cross-over. Sculptures, videos and costumes are the elements, he privilege in his creation. They are integrated, among others, to his installations, environments or performances, and combined to form an overwhelming and complex scenery, leading to a crystallization, an associative process much alike a network of facets or cosmos. Performances, which form part of the whole concept, are frequently realised in the installations and permanently presented as videos. Like a graphic contamination the staging take possession of all walls and invite to a specific atmosphere. The exhibition is made possible through the support of the IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) – Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Germany). Opening: May 5, 2017, 8pm Location: L'Oeil de Poisson 541, rue De Saint-Vallier Est Québec (Québec) G1K 3P9 www.oeildepoisson.com
Galerie 21, Vorwerkstraße 21, 20357 Hamburg

Jérôme Chazeix

"The monad, battle on the astral plane"

Video loop with music, installation.

The animated film "The monad, battle on the astral plane", (2009- 2014, 4 min. 31 sec., Three times repeated in a 13 min. 32 sec. HD video loop with music), consists of approximately 4800 individual drawings.

A musical and colorful environment blends with language and electronic sounds to a Gesamtkunstwerk together in which to find elements of space, science fiction and anime are, and form a dialogue about the human being as pure cosmic energy. It explodes, pulsates, poeticizes and metaphors ... a secret way to explain life. The film is a dense network of relationships forming, at the end of a large-scale Total installation to be expanded. Here, the space forms with the film at the center of the container transforms it to Plato's cave.